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Abdul Ghafoor Industries is committed to providing you with every day colors used in different application including PE, PP, PET and other plastic material that are designed to meet even your most challenging applications requirements.


Give your packaging a powerful shelf presence and add value to your brand by utilizing our leading-edge graphics and printing technology!


Give your packaging a innovative shelf presence and add value to your brand by utilizing our leading-edge graphics and printing technology!


Embrace the latest technology and innovation for a dynamic package that will showcase your product and increase sales!


Abdul Ghafoor Industries adheres to processes and procedures within our facilities that are on the leading edge of industry sustainability practices.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.

Abdul Ghafoor Industries offers wide range of colors as per Customer requirements which inculdes PE, PET, PP


Our experience in the production of colour master batch is reflected in an outstanding way by our comprehensive library of colour and polymer combinations. Upon request, our colour master batch is adapted to conform exactly to specific customer requirements. In several application areas, we are the global market leader with our premium-quality colour master batch and can boast a high level of appreciation on the part of numerous international top-level brands from the food, cosmetics and lifestyle industries.. The good opacity makes it possible to achieve an excellent colour match even at low doses. Our master batch manufactured is easy to process and suitable for both film production and the injection moulding process. We are also happy to adjust the colour of our master batch to match your specific customer requirements on request. Our colour specialists are able to determine the exact colour shade based on a sample and adjust it precisely using our high tech laboratory equipment.

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