AGI Filler Masterbatch

AGI Filler_Masterbatch

We are producing wide range of filler masterbatches. Our filler masterbatch will help you in the
cost reduction of the product and will give good output. It will also improve surface antifriction,
heat stability toughness, hardness, rigidity and increasing specific gravity of plastic products.
We are having following grades of filler masterbatches.

Plast White: –
It modifies physical and mechanical properties & reduce cost in raffia application, blown film
extrusion, film coating injection and blow molding. It increases opacity.

Plast Stiff: –
It improves strength, stiffness, modify physical & mechanical properties and reduces cost. It is
used only for PP based.

Plast Clear: –
It acts as nucleating agent, maintain clarity of polymer, improves gloss in woven sacs, extrusion
coating, injection and blow moulding.

Plast Clear Film: –
It acts as nucleating agent, maintain clarity of polymers, improves gloss, reduces cost in blown
film extrusion and shopping bags.

Plast Highmix :-
It reduces cost, ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance). It also gives faster cooling in
PE injection and blow moulded products.

Plast Fab : –
It is a special filler masterbatches for non-woven and PP extrusion coating, box strapping and
moulding which improves stiffness, whiteness and reduces cost.